Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Working Day in ***


Alhamdulilah..finally i had tenderred my resignation after maternity leave. This week will be my last working week as this friday will be my last working day...

After 4 years ( to be exact 3yrs 10 month) working with this company  i have a lot of words to say. I will keep all the memories.. This is the place where i knew the meaning of 'Career'. The meaning of 'Politics'. Very nice and memorable..

I will have a new life journey. Migrate to the nouthern is the hardest decision i had make.  Being apart with kekasih halal will be the most unwanted things for married person.  And being a 'single' mom with 3 month infants is the toughest thing for me.. But, i believe, Allah will always by my side.

Bye..bye job...

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